Evangelical Fundamentals

Jim Packer recently commented: It is important to know who our friends are. Anglo-Catholics generally believe in Trinity, Scripture, atonement, resurrection, judgement, prayer, etc. A ‘higher’ view of sacraments and priesthood seems secondary in the light of those primary correspondences. I can be friends with Anglo-Catholics. Modern Anglo-Catholicism has a different agenda from in the past. I can, with qualifications, be friends with Anglo-Catholics.

Yes, evangelicals generally consider soteriology and theology proper to be more fundamental than ecclesiology. So much more fundamental that, for all practical purposes, it doesn’t seem completely unfair to say that evangelicals don’t believe in the Church (except as a mere label for the set of all Christians). The “with qualifications” is, I think, a bit amusing and, I suspect, relates to how pushy the non-evangelical is about ecclesiology as summarized in, say, the fourth part of the Nicene Creed.

It’s difficult to make sense of the Anglican “Communion” nowadays.

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