For The Hollywood Reporter, Paul J. Gough writes:

ABC News is spending more time trying to assemble the logistics of its exclusive interview with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin than it did negotiating with the McCain campaign itself.

The Alaska governor, a virtual unknown two weeks ago, has electrified the election campaign since Sen. John McCain stunned the political establishment by announcing her as his running mate on August 29.

But the GOP campaign refused to make the relative newcomer available for interviews. Until Friday afternoon, when senior McCain adviser Steve Schmidt offered an exclusive to ABC News.

The network quickly locked down most of the details with the campaign. But the challenges of traveling to Alaska — and, more importantly, bringing along a network-news infrastructure for the interview and two nights of “World News” — has taken into the early part of the week to arrange….

….Gibson wasn’t available for comment Monday, but Banner said there were no preconditions to the Palin interview.

“There are no restrictions. All questions are on the table,” he said Monday….

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