Desolation Row

Over at RightWingBob, Sean Curnyn writes:

It is curious to me, by the way, that the clearinghouse for all conceivable Bob Dylan-related news, Expecting Rain, has not featured a single link over the past several days related to the brutal massacre at the Chabad center in Mumbai. There is no religious organization with which Bob Dylan has had closer and more public links, as fans interested in his “journey of faith” would know very well. In fact, there is possibly no organization, period, which which he’s had closer and more public links, other than the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). Dylan jealously guards his independence and does not lend his name lightly to just any cause, as attentive fans would also know very well. And readers of Expecting Rain would know that there are often links there to stories which have a far more tenuous relationship with Bob Dylan, and sometimes stories which have no relationship whatsoever with him. And readers of this humble website might remember the attention we gave to a recent link on Expecting Rain to a piece of classic, crazed anti-semitic screed (the kind of thing which, when given a pass by many in Europe in the 1930s, led not so indirectly to the Holocaust — although they didn’t work Bob Dylan into the script back then). Why, by contrast, does the outrage against Chabad in Mumbai not rate a solitary mention on a site that is supposedly about all things Dylan? It’s genuinely curious.

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