Regarding the Mumbai massacre, Jamie Weinstein writes:

While the details of Mumbai’s massacre are still being sorted out, this much we know. We know that the killers intentionally targeted Americans, Britons and Jews. We know that the terrorists deliberately attacked, among other sites, a hospital. And we know that the savages that shocked our consciences last week were inspired by the same wicked ideology that has inspired radical Islamists to kill innocents in the past, from New York to Madrid to London and far beyond.

Whether these killers formerly belonged to the previously unknown terrorist group Deccan Mujahideen or were members of a better-established organization, the nature of their attack illuminates clearly enough to us what animated their wickedness. Make no mistake, what we saw in Mumbai last week was not the result of “grievances” perpetrated by India or the United States or Israel. No, the perpetrators were most certainly motivated by an Islamist ideology which seeks to institute a cruel, medieval vision of Islam on the world….

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