Faith Working by Love

Pope Benedict’s recent catechsis on Saint Paul’s “faith working by love:”

From Works to Faith

From Faith to Works

[update] And, more recently:

10 December 2008, Saint Paul (16): Theology of the sacraments

3 December 2008, Saint Paul (15): The Apostle’s teaching on the relation between Adam and Christ

While I’m posting links, I can’t help also referencing the earlier:

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3 Responses to Faith Working by Love

  1. e4unity says:


    I noticed your blog for the first time tagged under “St.Paul” and really liked my first visit. I have been posting some on the “Year of Saint Paul” am having a wonderful time. It really is an extraordinary opportunity for the Christian family to take a new look together of the special contribution the life and message of this Apostle has made to the foundation of the Gospel and the Church.

    I have added you to my blog-roll so that it will be easier for us to follow the Pope’s excursion.

    John Paul Todd

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