No Violence Period

Opposition to abortion and related issues is not limited just to conservatives and Catholics. For example, the site No Violence Period has a range of interesting articles from a left/libertarian perspective:

Highlights of this site:

The consequences of treating a fetus as a human being: Kevin Kelly‘s article in the Whole Earth Review. Kelly is Executive Editor of Wired.

The Indivisible Fight for Life: Civil libertarian Nat Hentoff describes how the right to life is inseperable from other issues such as poverty and the death penalty.

Jesse Jackson on Abortion: His 1977 article for National Right to Life News compares arguments for abortion to those for slavery.

Abortion: The Left has betrayed the sanctity of life: Mary Meehan criticizes the inconsistency in The Progressive.

The Abortion Papers: Bob Woodward unearths primary evidence that the Roe v. Wade justices knew they were drawing “arbitrary” lines and that the decision was “legislative.”

Abortion Bias Seeps Into News: A landmark Los Angeles Times investigation that found pervasive bias in the coverage of abortion in American media.

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