Willing to Fight

From Touchstone blog, Anthony Esolen writes:

Rolling Up the Sleeves

I’d heard about this bill from chatter on the Internet, but it was so outrageous I thought I’d give it a few days to die of shame before I bothered to comment on it.  Apparently, it will be given a hearing in Hartford (thanks to Greg Laughlin for the link), and one of the finest priests of the Bridgeport diocese, Fr. Greg Markey, is urging his parishioners to make their sentiments known, so I thought I’d make mine known, too.  Those sentiments are of bright and springtime joy.  Let the fight come on!  I feel like King Theoden, crusted with age and caution and moral compromise, listening to the self-serving whispers of Grima Wormtongue, now suddenly roused to life again when the enemy tips his hand too soon and makes it clear that he wishes nothing other than the annihilation of your people.  Here at last we have a war thrust upon us, and we may with the apostles rejoice that we are being considered worthy to suffer contempt and persecution not only for our faith, but for the very republic wherein the battle is being offered. . . .

There’s a useful background article
at CNA which quotes Archbishop Chaput:

. . .
“But prejudice against the Catholic Church has a long pedigree in the United States. And rarely has belligerence toward the Church been so perfectly and nakedly captured as in Connecticut’s pending Senate Bill 1098, which, in the words of Hartford’s Archbishop Henry Mansell, ‘directly attacks the Roman Catholic Church and our Faith.’”

“In effect, SB 1098 would give the state of Connecticut the power to forcibly reorganize the internal civil life of the Catholic community. This is bad public policy in every sense: imprudent; unjust; dismissive of First Amendment concerns, and contemptuous of the right of the Catholic Church to be who she is as a public entity,” the archbishop criticized.

“If Catholics want Caesar telling them how they’re allowed to live their civil life as a community, this is exactly the kind of legislation to make it happen.”

Given all the coverage, bill has been pulled (American Papist).

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