If I Die, I Die

Many commentator’s on Sarah Palin’s remark that “politically speaking — if I die, I die. So be it” would not recognize the allusion or context of “And if not” – neither its use at Dunkirk nor its Biblical reference.

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as someone posted on Free Republic recently:

It hit me this morning walking the dog…..something everyone had missed, the pundits, TV clowns, writers, et al: America Wants Sarah to be President. Period.

We don’t care what her background is, what her experience is, where she’s from what she wears, who backs her, etc. We want her to be our President and that’s all that matters….

I mean, look what we have now: Barney Frank, Al Franken, the Bomb….where is the criteria there? HOW could she be any worse than them……She is more honest than any of these clowns, has more administrative experience than the Bomb, has more proven moral integrity that any 20 congress critters or Senators already demonstrated by her actions to date…..

She has tougher skin than any other elected offical and they have NEVER had to go through what she has had to go through, and she isn’t even President yet….

Quitter????? You mean by not milking one job to run for another, (Biden, Bomba, Hilterly, etc, etc, etc) she is a quitter…..don’t make me laugh….

And if she stayed up nights and worked around the clock she couldn’t be worse than those mentioned above, not even if she tried…..

So I say to the Andrea Mitchell Greenspans and the other hosts of fraud, and especially our good friends at the View, (worthless creitians whose opinion is worth less than toilet paper, which after all does serve a purpose) take a trip, get out, we don’t care what you think or say:

America has decided to give Sarah a chance to see what she can do, and that’s all you other clowns need to know.

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5 Responses to If I Die, I Die

  1. Obushma says:

    Ruth 4:16 I do believe w/o a Bible in front of me. I know that Sarah IS OUR Ruth!

  2. Thomas says:

    Ruth, Esther, or Daniel all could be reasonable cited, among others, I think. I just used Daniel because of the Dunkirk modern political reference.

  3. Obushma says:

    Oops that’s what I meant…Esther 4:16 NOT Ruth. Sarah is our Esther! Thanks for the correction

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  5. Thomas says:

    good summary at Josh Painter’s blog

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