Catholic & Orthodox agreement

from article by Marty Rothwell:

Historical Christian doctrines “held without controversy” prior to the schism of the 11th century.

  1. God the Son is of the same substance and nature as God the Father.
  2. God is a Triune Being (Trinity).
  3. Jesus has a fully human and a fully divine nature in one being
  4. The Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Christ exists in the Eucharist.
  5. Apostolic Succession of Bishops is essential to the preservation of the Faith.
  6. Scripture and Tradition together are rules of faith.
  7. The Holy Spirit infallibly guides the Church into all truths.
  8. Baptismal Regeneration.
  9. Believers are saved by the grace of God and their obedient faith.
  10. Believers can lose their salvation through sin.
  11. Infant Baptism.
  12. The Bible is comprised of 27 books of the NT and 46 books of OT. (Deuterocanonical Books are part of Scripture).
  13. Male only Priesthood.
  14. Primacy of the Bishop of Rome among Bishops.
  15. Canonization and Veneration of Saints.
  16. The prayers of departed saints are effectual for us.
  17. Confessions of sins to a priest.
  18. Penance should be done for sins committed.
  19. State of most of the departed faithful are in a temporary holding place awaiting their final judgment, although those who have lived a truly holy life on earth can go straight to heaven.
  20. Prayers for the other departed faithful are effectual in helping them grow in grace.
  21. The Seven Sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Confession, Communion, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Extreme Unction
  22. High honor and veneration given to the Blessed Ever-Virgin Mary as the Theotokos (the Mother of God—the New Eve).
  23. Liturgical Worship as the “Melody of Theology”.
  24. Images in worship were admitted as a helpful means in worship.

These are not simply Catholic doctrines, but historical Christian doctrines. How do we know this? Because in the 11th century when the Eastern Orthodox Churches split from the Catholics, both sides kept these doctrines!

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