Common Hymns

Here is a list of all the hymns that appear in each of the four volumes of the unabridged Liturgy of the Hours, forming the closest one can come to a common list of hymns recognized by the whole Catholic Church:

all creatures of our god and king 
all praise to you o god this night 
all you nations 
alma redemptoris mater 
almighty ruler god of truth 
amazing grace 
a mighty fortress is our god 
at the name of jesus 
ave maria 
ave regina caelorum 
blessed are the poor of heart 
blest are the pure in heart 
breathe on me breath of god 
brightness of the fathers glory 
christe qui splendor et dies 
christ in whose passion once was sown 
christ is made the sure foundation 
come holy ghost who ever one 
darkness has faded 
day is done but love unfailing 
eternal father through your word 
faith of our fathers 
father lord of earth and heaven 
father we thank thee who hast planted 
firmly i believe and truly 
for all the saints 
for the fruits of his creation 
for to those who love god 
from all that dwell below the skies 
god father praise and glory 
god whose almighty word 
hail holy queen 
hail mary 
help us o lord to learn 
holy god we praise your name 
holy holy holy lord god almighty 
holy spirit come confirm us 
i am the bread of life 
in ancient times god spoke 
i saw the new city jerusalem 
i sing the mighty power of god 
joy to you 
keep in mind 
let all on earth their voices raise 
let all things now living 
let us with joy our voices raise 
lord god and maker of all things 
lord jesus christ abide with us 
lord jesus christ be present now 
lord jesus once you spoke to men 
lord of all being throned afar 
lord of all hopefulness, lord of all joy 
lord whose love in humble service 
lord your word abiding 
love divine all loves excelling 
loving mother of the redeemer 
loving sheperd of thy sheep 
morning has broken 
most ancient of all mysteries 
mother of holy hope 
now at the daylights ending 
now fades all earthly splendor 
now from the heavns descending 
now thank we all our god 
o christ you are the light and day 
o father whose creating hand 
of god of truth 
o god of light the dawning day 
o god our help in ages past 
o mary of all women 
on this day the first of days 
o radiant light o sun divine 
o woship the king all glorious above 
praise my soul the king of heaven 
praise the lord ye heavens 
praise to mary heaven's gate 
rise up o men of god 
salve regina 
shepherd of souls in love come feed us 
sing praise to god who reigns above 
sing praise to our creator 
sion sing 
te lucis ante terminum 
the churchs one foundation 
the eternal gifts of christ the king 
the god whom earth and sea and sky 
the king of love my shepherd is 
the master came to bring good news 
the setting sun now dies away 
this day god gives me 
this i ask 
this is the feast day of the lords true witness 
this world my god 
we plough the fields and scatter 
we turn to you o god 
when morning fills the sky 
who would true valor see 
with hearts renewed by living faith 
ye who own the faith of jesus 
you holy angels bright 
your hand o lord has guided 
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