What is the Catholic Faith Like

At Called to Communion, Tim Troutman writes:

. . .
Catholicism rings true because of her paradoxes. She indulges, yet she is frugal; that is, she is both the most ascetic and the most indulgent, or put another way, she laughs, yet her heart is heavy. She is authoritative, yet she is a servant. She is both more unified and diverse than her other Christian brethren. Her theology is complex enough to frustrate the greatest minds and simple enough to be understood by a child. She is ornate with heavenly beauty and homely to look at. At her altar rail, kings and peasants kneel side by side in reverence to the risen Christ. She is more hated than any other Christian community and also more loved. Her doctrines cause more scandal and more joy than any other faith. She has more fire than the charismatics, more miracles than the faith healers, more mystics than the oriental religions, and more alcohol than the secularists, yet she is more sober than any of them. Her doctrine is stricter than the fundamentalists and more forgiving than the liberals.
. . .

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  1. Thomas says:

    And, as usual, the comments on the Called to Communion site underline the articles

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