On Schooling

There’s a poignant article over at Inside Catholic on modern schooling. Anthony Esolen writes:

Yes, I know that three experiences do not a scientific study make. But they are, I think, representative; and I have spent all my adult life around young people, whom I teach for a living, and most of that time too among children whose parents have chosen to turn their backs on the government schools and on their all too many sad imitators among our parochial schools. St. Paul wrote to the fractious Corinthians that love, true Christian love, endures all things, hopes all things, believes all things. But our schools teach almost the obverse of Pauline charity. Not that they don’t try to enlist their charges for community service, or that they don’t peddle the profession of the latest politically correct fad. But if ever the conversation veers toward the transcendent, their teachers are instructed to stiffen up. Then comes the honey-coated acid. Our young people are to endure things only with an eye towards greater self-gratification to come; they are to hope for nothing but the fulfillment of their personal “dreams,” and they are to believe in the silliest idols ever erected by man, themselves.

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