Adelyn Vale Skibitsky

Adelyn Vale Skibitsky, the daughter of Megan and Jeff Skibitsky and sister of Cadence Belle Skibitsky, was born at 00:57am on July 6th, 2011

Adelyn was born at home, in Salt Lake City, and is 14 minutes old in the picture above and weighs 7 lb 2 oz.  Like her mother before her and like  pioneers of former years, Dr Megan Skibitsky had worked the day before and now goes on well deserved maternity leave.  MaryAlice and I look forward to getting to know our new granddaughter.


The whole family:

Adelyn, in a bonnet that Cadence Belle also wore three years ago:

Adelyn, 8 days old

Adelyn, 8 days old

MaryAlice and Adelyn:

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1 Response to Adelyn Vale Skibitsky

  1. Vicky says:

    Amazing! Congratulations to parents, grandparents and big sister Cadence Belle! Thank you for sharing this blessed event.

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