Christian Marriage Doublespeak

From an article on the Dalrock blog about the common, and heretical I would add,
Christian marriage doublespeak:

One factor which undoubtedly plays a role here is the widespread adoption of feminism by Christian and secular women alike.  The knee jerk blame the husband tendency which I have described above shows how immersed modern Christianity is in modern feminism.  Fellow blogger Laura Grace Robbins captured my own thoughts when she wrote:

I’m starting to think the feminism in Christianity cuts much, much deeper than I originally thought.

This is relevant both because a general sense of unhappiness is the philosophical foundation for modern feminism, and because we know that women who try to be the leaders in their marriage are very likely to be unhappy as a result.  As I mentioned earlier, Christian women hold some truly outrageous beliefs when it comes to marriage and being “true to themselves”.  It is no wonder that millions of these women are unhappy.  Like the wife in Fireproof, many have decided that their husbands should submit to their leadership.  Christians could of course address this if they weren’t deeply mired in the very feminism at the source of the problem.

The problem will not be addressed, I think, as long as Christians have the heretical view that remarriage while one’s spouse is alive is not adultery.

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