It is hard to avoid being bamboozled by the tyranny of the here and now. Especially nowadays given television propaganda. Two contemporary voices to whom I’ve found it useful to listen are Dylan and Solzhenitsyn.

  • Dylan’s Visions of Sin; Christopher Ricks
  • The Solzhenitsyn Reader: 1947-2005

By the way, those two books, and Sarah Rudin’s translation of Vergil’s Aeneid are the syllabus for the 10th grade component of my three year literature course at Maude’s Tavern.

The 11th grade syllabus is: Dante’s Comedy (Esolen’s edition), Jane Austen, and Frost.

The 12th grade syllabus is: Shakespeare, Donne, and James.

While this course can prepare for college, I encourage instead working in one of the skilled trades, nursing, etc. and proceeding with marriage and children.

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