My Appalachian Rider Booklist

All Riders have two books in common:

  • Bible, RSV Catholic Edition
  • Liturgy of the Hours, 4 volume set counted as one book

After that, a rider picks a few books of personal interest. For me, that is Robert Frost’s Collected Works and several Shakespeare volumes (Comedies, Tragedies, Histories, Sonnets).

One’s booklist expands and develops during one’s novitiate; however, it usually happens that one’s booklist changes somewhat once a parish has been decided. For me, being a part of St George Melkite in Sacramento is decisive.

For some books, I’ve picked just part of a larger set:

  • Aquinas – just the first half of his Summa Theologica
  • Dante – just Purgatorio and Paradisio
  • Pelikan – just the recent history volume (ie since 1700)

The major theme for me is ethnic diversity within ecclesiastical structure, as one can see from my booklist:

  • Bible, unabridged Revised Standard Version
  • Vergil’s Aeneid; Sarah Ruden translation
  • Harp of the Spirit; St Ephrem the Syrian
  • The Confessions; by Saint Augustine
  • Homilies on John; St John Chrysostom
  • Summa Theologica; St Thomas Aquinas
  • Dante’s Divine Comedy; Anthony Esolen
  • Sonnets & Plays; William Shakespeare
  • Complete English Poems; John Donne
  • Collected Poetry & Prose; Robert Frost
  • Reading Mark in Context; Blackwell
  • Writings & Speeches; Edmund Burke
  • Leviticus: Ritual & Ethics; Jacob Milgrom
  • The Christian Tradition; Jaroslav Pelikan
  • St Edmund Campion Missal; Sophia Press
  • Bible & the Priesthood; Anthony Giambrone
  • Water & the Spirit; Alexander Schmemann
  • Horologion; Melkite Greek Catholic liturgy
  • Compendium to the Catholic Catechism
  • The Liturgy of the Hours; unabridged
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