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Canon of Scripture

It seems to me that the real reason for Protestant abridgement of the scriptural canon has more to do with product branding and market differentiation than with doctrine, per se. However recent scholarship on the importance of Second Temple Judaism … Continue reading

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One Unique Book

As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states: 105 God is the author of Sacred Scripture. “The divinely revealed realities, which are contained and presented in the text of Sacred Scripture, have been written down under the inspiration of the … Continue reading

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Pagan Christianity

[I’ve updated links on this 2008 posting] There are useful critiques of Viola & Barna’s 2008 book, Pagan Christianity, over on Ben Witherington’s blog. To quote a bit from the second posting (July 1, 2008): Small group gatherings are wonderful … Continue reading

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The Christian Concept of Rationality

From Lesslie Newbigin’s The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society (1989), page 63-64: The Christian tradition of rationality takes as its starting point not any alleged self-evident truths. Its starting point is events in which God made himself known to men … Continue reading

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Catholic & Orthodox agreement

from article by Marty Rothwell: Historical Christian doctrines “held without controversy” prior to the schism of the 11th century. God the Son is of the same substance and nature as God the Father. God is a Triune Being (Trinity). Jesus … Continue reading

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The Doctrinal Seed of Scripture

Over at Called to Communion, Tom Riello writes on The Doctrinal Seed of Scripture: Doctrine is borne out of the Church’s life, her reflection and her experience. The doctrine of the Trinity, for example, was not so much a doctrine … Continue reading

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Rhetoric of Hebrews

I’ve been posts various sermons recently and so am particularly interested in Dr Witherington’s posting on The Rhetorical Character of Hebrews: This document [Hebrews], like 1 John is a homily , in fact D.J. Harrington has called it “arguably the … Continue reading

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Wisdom in a Troubled Time Job 28; Psalm 8; 1 Corinthians 2.1–10 a sermon for the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference at their Annual Service in Westminster Abbey September 30 2008, 3 pm by the Bishop of Durham, Dr N. T. … Continue reading

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Copyright Issues

Regarding copyright issues, Amy Welborn writes: The requirements to cite, for example, from the New American Bible, the official USCCB English translation, are fairly strict. I don’t remember what they are, but all you really need to know is that … Continue reading

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