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The Questions That Matter

In the introduction to his recent book, Life Under Compulsion, Anthony Esolen writes about: The Questions That Matter How to raise children who can sit with a good book and read? Who are moved by beauty? Who delight in innocence? … Continue reading

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Ontological Splendor of the Concrete

Glenn C. Arbery begins an article about Flannery O’Connor with: Toward the end of her life, Flannery O’Connor was often asked to speak about being a Southerner, as though this were a peculiar condition in need of explanation. In “The … Continue reading

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How the West Really Lost God

In anticipation of the April release of Mary Eberstadt’s book ‘How the West Really Lost God’ here’s an extract from her article with the same name, from which the book grew: And therein lies a real defect with the conventional … Continue reading

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A Love Supreme

As Dr Esolen remarks, Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives is a short volume but for that very reason may be the ideal introduction to Pope Benedict XVI’s writings. In this Monday’s Wall Street Journal, Esolen writes:  Imagine touring the … Continue reading

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One Unique Book

As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states: 105 God is the author of Sacred Scripture. “The divinely revealed realities, which are contained and presented in the text of Sacred Scripture, have been written down under the inspiration of the … Continue reading

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Book Reviews

In this upcoming year, a year of faith, I hope to write weekly book reviews on the two dozen books in my booklist (see the About page).  Most books will get multiple reviews and I intend the reviews to revolve … Continue reading

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when one goes outside the ‘Christendom’ situation to bring the Gospel to non-Christians, one soon discovers that the doctrine of the Trinity is not something that can be kept out of sight; on the contrary, it is the necessary starting … Continue reading

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