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The Redemption of Suffering

Over at The Roman Road in 2011, there was an excellent little series on the theology of suffering, a topic dear to my heart from years of preaching/encouraging in a devotional service at a local nursing home. It is also … Continue reading

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Deep-Seated Tendencies

Deep-Seated Tendencies It is disingenuous to suggest that the meaning of “deep-seated homosexual tendencies” is unclear. Surely tendencies which are considered to define one’s very being as a person are deep-seated; therefore, any man who identifies himself as a homosexual … Continue reading

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In Christ

Fr Alvin Kimel, in a Called to Communion comment writes: Jeremy, for me the moment of revelation occurred when I realized that salvation simply IS incorporation into the divine life of the Holy Trinity. What else can it ultimately be? … Continue reading

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Theological Humility

Good article over at Ben Witherington’s blog: Here is a very interesting and indeed revealing brief interview with John Piper about why Calvinists not infrequently come across in such a negative and arrogant way. I find his explanation in some … Continue reading

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