The religious order to which I have a connection limits my primary reading to two dozen books. My little library consists of:

  • Bible, unabridged Revised Standard Version
  • The Liturgy of the Hours, unabridged
  • World’s Oldest Alphabet; D. Petrovich
  • Exodus commentary; Thomas White
  • Herodotus: Histories; Tom Holland
  • Ezekiel commentary; Robert Jenson
  • Vergil: The Aeneid; by Sarah Ruden
  • The Confessions; by Saint Augustine
  • Art of War & other Chinese classics
  • Dante’s Divine Comedy; Anthony Esolen
  • Sixteen Plays;  by William Shakespeare
  • Oxford Book of English Verse; Ricks
  • Collected Poems & Prose; Robert Frost
  • The Lyrics 1961-2012; by Bob Dylan
  • Understanding Analysis; S. Abbott
  • Measure & Category; John C. Oxtoby
  • The Existence of God; Edward Feser
  • Veritatis Splendor; Saint John Paul II
  • Compendium of the Catholic Catechism

I entered the Catholic Church on Easter 2007 at an age of fifty seven, having come from a charismatic Wesleyan background.

We live on the lake at Stansbury Park, a bit west of Salt Lake City in Utah on the western side of the Rocky Mountains, having moved there from the Virginia section of the Southern Blue Ridge Province in the Appalachian Mountains.


Thomas Gwyn & MaryAlice Dunbar

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