The religious order to which I have a connection limits my primary reading to two dozen books. The core of my little library consists of:

  • Bible, unabridged Revised Standard Version
  • The Liturgy of the Hours, unabridged
  • Comedies & Tragedies;  William Shakespeare
  • Collected Poems & Prose; Robert Frost
  • Horologion; Melkite Greek Catholic liturgy

I entered the Catholic Church on Easter 2007, having come from a charismatic Wesleyan background. I’m a member of St George, a Melkite Greek Catholic parish (pastor: Fr Hezakias) in Sacramento.  This blog is my attempt to answer the question: Why are you Catholic.

We recently moved to the Sierra foothills, having grown up in the Virginia section of the Southern Blue Ridge Province in the Appalachian Mountains. I work, as a substitute teacher, in El Dorado county.


Thomas Gwyn & MaryAlice Dunbar

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