Obama Running for Vice President?

Is Senator Obama running for Vice President? Could it be that he never really expected to get his party’s presidential nomination and instead expected his strong showing to get him the vice-presidency on Senator Clinton’s ticket? If that had been the case, his focus on the Republican’s candidate for vice president, Governor Palin, would be more reasonable. As it is, his obsessive attack on Governor Sarah Palin does not seem presidential.

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7 Responses to Obama Running for Vice President?

  1. goodtimepolitics says:

    Obama said in 2004 that he didn’t have the experience to run a country as president! šŸ™‚

  2. smedley420 says:

    thanks for settin me straight. i thought since palin has made such a big splash that strategically his campaign would have to address her presence. but you’re so right. he’s a presidential candidate. she’s a vice presidential candidate. presidential candidates aren’t supposed to answer to vice presidential candidates. but he’s addressing a vice presidential candidate! what a complete idiot obama is. again, thanks for your enlightenment. you’re a christian and you’d never be sarcastic — because if you were, we’d probably stop respecting christians.

  3. Thomas says:

    Smedley420 – well, you don’t now, I’m guessing. Nevertheless, no I was not being sarcastic. I do, indeed, wonder if at some unconscious level that is behind Senator Obama’s remarks. Precisely because I recognize that he is a skilled politican, I’m trying to figure out the cause of the recent ineptness. Of course, I’m opposed to many of Senator Obama’s positions; however, that does not prevent me from an interest in politics, as sport.

    Of course, you are correct that the Democratic ticket must respond to the Palin splash. It’s the manner of the response that seems inept to me.

  4. smedley420 says:

    Whew, close one. Cuz i thought “obsessive attack” sounded a little sarcastic since the definition of obsessive is: “Having one thought or pursuing one activity to the absolute or nearly absolute exclusion of all others.” That really isn’t true of Obama. You can say it is but that doesn’t make it so. But I figure anyone who exaggerates probably is really biased and would be prone to being sarcastic. But we all know that sarcasm, especially from religious people, generally blows their credibility. Anyway, we hear ya.

  5. Thomas says:

    smedley420 – I don’t think sarcasm is a literary fault nor a christian sin. And, for that matter, I don’t think being sarcastic reduces credibility. Rather, for myself anyway, it is just that sarcasm is difficult to do well, especially in a blog setting.

  6. smedley420 says:

    hard to be sarcastic without intending to hurt. i’m not a christian and feel better for it. i don’t get why politics pisses so many people off, especially when the outcomes aren’t so terribly different. seems there are more pressing immediate things to get upset about. everyone thought bush was the tax savior. he wasn’t. but the vitriol and bad feeling that election caused was amazing. don’t you wish you could take back all the emotion over bush? of kerry? a waste of emotional and intellectual energy, being a personal shill to people we don’t even really know.

  7. Thomas says:

    While I grant you that it is hard to separate, sarcasm can be intended (and, if done well) to “hurt” a policy or viewpoint rather than a person. Unless policies and viewpoints are unimportant, they are worth defending and/or attacking.

    Still, given the general difficulty that we (American civilization) have in arguing with civility about issues important to us, then I agree that one should be very sparing in the use of sarcasm.

    I think “politics pisses so many people off” precisely because we’ve not cultivated civil argument about issues of importance to us.

    For me, politics and religion are the topics most worth talking about, though it’s hard to talk about them even with folks one has know well for a long time..that’s part of the challenge and interest.

    I’m not inclined to “get upset about” anything but what do you think is most pressing?

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