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On Romans

I’m participating in Bible Study Fellowship’s session on Romans. Their ‘study’ is mostly a presentation of standard reformed protestant understandings and I find to useful to collect a few quotes, in response, from N.T. Wright’s ‘The Day the Revolution Begin” … Continue reading

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Evangelical Fundamentals 2

Back on July 2, 2008 I wrote: Jim Packer recently commented: It is important to know who our friends are. Anglo-Catholics generally believe in Trinity, Scripture, atonement, resurrection, judgement, prayer, etc. A ‘higher’ view of sacraments and priesthood seems secondary in … Continue reading

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The goal of advertising is to persuade folks that stuff they don’t care about is, in fact, important. This extends far beyond, say, the selling of toothpaste.   Furthermore, since only some many matters can be considered important, advertising also … Continue reading

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On Baptism

As an infant, I did not choose my food. I ate the good food given and was healthy. An infant does not choose its name, body or basic personality. Rather, to be healthy one later consciously accepts these, as given. … Continue reading

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Seeing Unexpected Events

Unexpected events are difficult to see, even after the event. Several years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, I was reading Professor Pundit and thought, “Wait a minute, though he’s one of the foremost experts on Eastern Europe, the … Continue reading

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Six Extensive Essays

I’ll take as an introduction to all six articles (thanks to Sandro Magister for the links, and background)  by these distinguished Catholic lay persons, an admonition from Anna Silvas: What kind of prophet do you want to show you the … Continue reading

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Commitment, Continuity, and Conversation

The particular spirituality of the Appalachian Riders For Our Lady is based on our three foundational principles of commitment, continuity and conversation in addition to the general Catholic evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, obedience and stability adapted to a lay … Continue reading

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